A&RT concept, prove, design, build and deliver Industrial Machinery to meet our customers demanding requirements.

Our Engineering staff are proficient in utilising the latest tools available to model, construct, animate, evaluate and simulate machinery in our facilities. We then prove our design implementations utilising our in house testing platforms to close the loop from concept to production reality.  This A&RT engineering process removes assumptions, and guess work  and delivers outcomes that are assured before equipment is built or delivered.

We specialise in creating elegant automation solutions that utilise the latest technologies in robotics, motion, vision guidance, quality control, processing and handling techniques that are then evaluated and simplified to get the balance right for a machine that will perform productively and efficiently.

A&RT build special purpose machines and develop custom solutions for your business needs. Controlled by PC, PLC or micro controller based applications can be designed and engineered to meet specific needs. Special purpose systems or entire distributed control systems, with operator HMI or SCADA package interfaces. Applications can control hydraulics, pneumatics, VSDs, servos, robots and any virtually any automation peripheral that comes into industry.
Automation & Robot Technologies draws on many years of automation experience to ensure our systems are delivered with a high degree of functionality, engineered to meet or exceed all safety and regulatory requirements, and designed to be operated with ease. With experience in manufacturing, food packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics, lumber, we can deliver a solution to meet your needs.
At Automation & Robot Technologies, we work with our customers to meet the specific requirements and demands of your application.

Vision Systems


A&RT specialize in implementing the latest technologies in 2D and 3D vision systems for product identification, location and quality control measures. When properly integrated, it can provide the necessary feedback to ensure your process meets it’s expectations, as well as lower product waste, re-manufacturing costs and product returns by having the means to alarm operators and stop processes as the discrepancies are occurring.
Feedback from Vision Inspection Systems can also be used to correct and guide robots and other automation equipment to it’s intended position, allowing for some enhanced process capabilities. A new era of 3D (three dimensional) camera systems are also catering for depth information from within the captured image.
Let our experience in supplying Vision Inspection Systems bring success to your application.